Stay updated by reading this latest info you need to know about our shop:
Hello Everyone! Here is the latest info you need to know about our shop:
     #1. Please see new size chart directions. Nothing about our patterns have changed since last drop, I’ve only changed the directions in which I suggest to choose your size. Please follow the directions and do not choose the size of your shoe based off of the size you are in other brands. I have worked hard to make my own unique patterns and have done trial after trial of getting the size chart to where I feel it is super accurate. If you follow our size chart instructions you cannot go wrong. (unless you measured wrong😜) 

     #2: SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please include any special requests for your shoes in the notes box at checkout. This could include things from no teardrops on your t-straps to lengthening or shortening straps to making a more narrow shoe. I do not have time to make every option to list it on the site but I don’t mind taking special requests for small changes like that. The only thing I cannot do is make shoes wider or shorter or longer. I have plenty of sizes to choose from for that purpose. ☺️

     #5 EARLY ACCESS LIST: What is the early access list? I know that it can be hard to score a pair of shoes on our drops. We are currently in the works of expanding our business so that we can make more shoes for you. In the meantime, in order to combat the issue of not being able to order I have created an early access list exclusively for new customers who have never been able to order. This list is posted to our Facebook VIP page immediately after our shop closes when we reach order capacity. If you didn't get to make an order and you are a new customer, you can hurry and jump on our Facebook page and put your name on the list to receive an early access password for the next drop. I take the first 10 people on the list and work my way down after each drop. The list is only open for 1 hour after it posts. Any name written down after the 1 hour time limit does not count on the list and they will have to try again on the next drop. This list is an ongoing list so even if your name is towards the bottom you will eventually get the chance to receive early access. If the list becomes too large then I will hold a drop specifically for those of you on the list. I want to give everyone a chance to own a pair of our shoes, not just the people who have fast fingers or who have friends "carting" for them. This is my solution I have come up with for now.